22K Gold Pirate buckle completely hand fabricated with carved Gold Lip Mother of Pearl, Coral and

Picasso Marble. 


$38,500.00 for one more similar buckle to this one.


"Shades of Picasso"

Multi gem carving with two shades of Gold Lip Mother of Pearl, Malachite, Sugalite, Coral, Turquoise and Picasso Marble hair with black enamel baked seams. This one off belt buckle is set in a sterling silver shadow box frame.

Sold $14,777.00

Winston's three foot tall turquoise carved eagle with eight famous Native American faces featuring Cararra Marble tail feathers and bronze claws. This rare gemstone weighs in at over 106,000 carats and is valued at ten dollars a carat just for turquoise.  Be watching for the sculptures debut in Las Vegas Nevada this December where it will be show and offered by Winston.